About Us

We are dedicated partners in construction and are driven by a deep commitment to excellence and innovation.

Emerging From A Genuine Need

Juniper was established in 2013 as a response to an immediate business challenge and through a meaningful collaboration. Ajay, the co-founder of Juniper and the CEO of Curtis Partition, a prominent commercial drywall firm in New York City, faced the hurdles of rapid company growth. He recognized the need to enhance his estimating team’s efficiency to manage the increasing volume of projects and pressing deadlines. His goal was to shift the team’s focus from the labor-intensive task of manual quantity takeoffs to strategic bidding.

Initially, Ajay explored outsourcing the work overseas, but soon realized that managing an international team was impractical and unsustainable at a larger scale.

This led to his partnership with Nandini, a seasoned professional renowned for providing bespoke, technology-driven outsourcing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Her extensive experience in helping small teams leverage on-demand talent across various functions perfectly complemented Ajay’s hands-on industry knowledge.

The synergy between Ajay’s frontline, practical insights and Nandini’s expertise in outsourcing became the cornerstone of Juniper’s mission. Over 10 years, they have developed the Juniper platform, a solution tailored for the construction industry that offers flexible, specialized capacity. This platform empowers construction industry players to adapt and scale effectively amidst the fluctuating market conditions.

Meet Our Team

Our team has experience in all facets of the construction industry. From drywall contracting, to construction project management, to managing off-shore and virtual technical teams, to leading teams to successful outcomes. Together, we ensure that you never fall behind by using cutting-edge applications and technology.

Nandini Narula

Co-Founder & CEO, Juniper

25+ years experience managing off-shore and virtual technical teams

Ajay Narula

Co-Founder & Board Member, Juniper

CEO & President, Curtis Partition

25+ years experience in the construction sector

Anuraag Verma

Head of Estimating, Juniper (Delhi)

20+ years experience as lead estimator for US clients, trained architect

Extend Your Team’s Capabilities

At Juniper, we are a talented team of project managers, data analysts, estimators and managers who excel at providing fast, detailed, accurate deliverables for our clients. Our mission is clear: to extend your capabilities and elevate your services. As your trusted partner, we become an approachable expert and an extension of your team to walk beside you as you grow. 

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