Operational Support for Project Managers

Growing portfolios. Limited PM bandwidth. Intensifying administrative workloads. Maintaining construction project momentum with lean teams brings steep challenges. Yet relinquishing field oversight to handle planning, procurement, budgeting, and invoicing bottlenecks hampers quality and pace. A seemingly impossible balancing act.

We’ve been there too. The relentless paperwork, submittal processing, budget tracking, and constant communication required steals time better spent managing workflows and teams in the field.

Our Solution: A Virtual Project Engineer (VPE)

The Juniper VPE injects specialized bandwidth where you need it most. With VPE oversight, your PMs drive higher quality execution across more projects without losing steam. Specifically, our VPEs act as flexible PM assistants to take on crucial documentation, coordination, tracking, and communication responsibilities so field leaders maximize on-site effectiveness. With deep construction admin experience, we extend your team as specialized support across several areas of responsibility including:

  • Documentation Management: Handle all contract documents including drawings, specifications, and building rules and regulations.

  • Budget Oversight: Understand and manage project budgets, ensuring alignment with financial goals.
  • Procurement Coordination: Manage the release and delivery of long-lead items and coordinate with subcontractors and vendors.

  • Meeting Participation: Engage in kickoff and weekly project meetings to stay abreast of project developments.

  • Logistics Support: Assist with mobilization and demobilization, ensuring tools and equipment are properly managed.

  • Field Documentation Distribution: Provide necessary hardcopy drawings and documentation to the field team.

  • Submittal Processing: Conduct thorough submittal reviews and process them via CM/GC project platforms.


  • Labor Management: Monitor workforce requirements, including daily roll calls, manpower, and overtime requests.

  • Material and Invoice Coordination: Keep track of material delivery status and coordinate monthly invoices from trade partners for approval.

  • Order Review and Approval: Collaborate with PMs and Purchasing for material purchase order reviews and approvals.

  • Project Review Involvement: Participate actively in Operations and Project Management reviews.

  • Change Order Management: Efficiently enter and manage change orders in project systems like Plexxis.

  • Punchlist Oversight: Manage the punchlist process for project completion.

  • Closeout Documentation: Oversee the collection, review, and submission of all necessary closeout documentation.

  • Regular Communication: Maintain constant communication with the project team, ensuring updates are shared at least twice daily.

Features of Our Outsourcing Model

  • An outsourced, off-shore team of highly skilled, highly trained PMs with over a combined 10+ years of experience working for US construction companies.

  • Proficiency in project management systems like Plexxis, Quick Bid, On-Screen Takeoff, and ProCore.

  • Redundancy, with multiple team members trained to support each clients’ team.

  • A time-zone advantage – our team works overnight while the US team sleeps, enabling an almost 24-hour workday.

  • A US-based Client Success Manager to ensure seamless communications.

Expected Value for Construction Firms

By leveraging a Virtual Project Engineer, construction firms can expect an overall positive impact to both the bottom line and top line of the business with overall increased efficiency and  profitability.

Increased PM Focus

PMs concentrate on field quality and progress with engineers handling admin workflows

Higher Project Throughput

Streamlining back-office tasks drives faster project pace and portfolio growth

Cost and Schedule Visibility

Constant budget oversight and coordination with subs/vendors improves on-time, on-budget performance

Improved Risk Management

Constant budget oversight and coordination with subs/vendors improves on-time, on-budget performance

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